Team Continuum

The ℵ₁ Rover

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We are building a Mars Rover prototype!

The team consists of students who are passionate about computer science, mechanics and electronics.
Our robot's name is ℵ₁ (read as Aleph 1) which origins from the continuum hypothesis.
The project is founded by Institute of Computer Science.

The Continuum Student Research Group was founded at Institute of Computer Science, University of Wrocław in March 2014.
We debuted at European Rover Challenge 2015 where we started with our Aleph 1 robot. We got the 6th place out of 39 registered teams.
During University Rover Challenge 2016 we gained a place on the podium. We scored 3rd out of 63 registered teams.

Our Mission


We educate about robotics


We design every part with its purpose in mind


The rover is a platform for autonomous navigation algorithms research


The rover is constantly extended

  • Krzysztof Skrzynecki (LEAD)
  • Michał Barciś, B.Eng.
  • Filip Chudy, B.Sc.
  • Szymon Koper, B.Eng.
  • Aleksandra Pajda, M.Eng.
  • Cezary Siwek
  • Filip Skoneczny


  • Jan Chorowski, Ph.D.